Cr125 problem

I have a 02 cr125 that almost makes a gurgling noise and doesn't have the power it should when in the powerband. Almost like a rev limiter. I have checked the reeds and cleaned the intake carb and gas tank several times. I've also checked the power valve and it is all fine. You guys have any suggestions of we're else to check? Thanks

blown head gasket

might have a throat issue, try some drain cleaner and call me in the morning...hehe  Have you cleaned the filter at the bottom of the gas tank?  You have to remove the pet cock to get to it.  Otherwise maybe some throat drops?

Had same issue on my 01, it needed new piston and ring

I have cleaned everything to do with the fuel and the top end was supposebly just replaced before I got it but I'm not posative. Im starting to think it is the top end also.

its possible it could be the top end but also check the carb/reeds as well believe it or not I had a silence crack get rewelded and the packing shifted and would not let my 250 hit powerband weirdest fix I've ever came across...... something stupid but check the choke

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