Sputtering crf110

2013 crf110 began sputtering after nice ride. Runs great at idle and at 1/8th throttle. Once you give it more it cuts out or sputters. I have taken the carb apart (TWICE) and cleaned thoroughly still sputters. Any ideas???

If you have cleaned the carb, then i would suggest it has an air leak somewhere, did you check gaskets when you took the carb apart? sounds like air is being sucked in.

Yup, went through all gaskets and had to reset top (slide) gasket....no luck...still sputtered...put a full charge on the battery and BAM! She runs like a champ. WTH???

Edited by Principal Mike

Most likely it is the ground wire to the frame that has come loose.  Check it an ensure it is tight.  This has happened to me a few times as I forget to re-tighten it when i take off the carb and airbox.

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