2012 KTM 300 XC?

Hello all, I am new here and just getting back in to riding bikes after about a 24 year break. I am wanting to ride in the C Vet 40+ class or novice class in Hare Scrambles / Woods / Off Road racing.

I am looking at a 2012 KTM 300 (E)XC. It has Factory Connection suspension, an after market pipe (FMF I thinK) and a few other aftermarket items. They are asking $5 for the bike. The only thing they said that was wrong, it has a small leak around the small engine side sprocket. They said they would replace prior to selling. They also said they would recommend replacing the electric starter with a 2013 or newer, as the 2012 starters were not that good?

Anything wrong or anything I need to look for on a 2012. Is there much difference between the 2014's and the 2012's? I did notice they rear shock had a different type of mount on the 2014's (linkage??). Is that a big difference? Would a "novice" rider like my self "know" much difference?

Thank you all for any insight you can provide.


Sounds like you are lookin at a xcw which has a link less rear shock. The 12 Xc will have a linkage. I like this chassis I have two of them. W that is.

Leaking countershaft seal is common. Prolly a cheap aftermarket sprocket and or the chain is to tight causing this.

The 13 starter motor is much better.

You will like it for sure.

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