What to do with another XR 400?

I bought another XR 400 but am not sure what I should do with it?

I have HRC kit minus the cam or a 440 kit. I was thinking of installing the 440 kit and primary gear drive change. I was thinking the primary gear change would work better with the 440kit rather than using the high comp HRC piston?

You should just sell it to me!

Lol, I've been looking for a street legal DS. I would like to get a xr400 but may have to go 650.

Just can't find a 400 close to me, that's cheap and decent.

I've seen pics of a 400 sm with cr front forks and it was a nice bike setup.

Same problem.  Really clean bike, I've hardly ridden in it the 4? years I've had it.  Just don't get to the trails often and 3 other bikes that are plated.  DS parts on are on it but have to get title created which is a hassle in Indiana so I just haven't  messed with it.     I'm going to sell 2 of them, and I'd like to keep it.  It's so clean. But the TTR230 is great for newbies and my son. The 350 has a 6 spd, CR front end, WP shock, new 19" front wheel for street use, Viper, etc etc   

Just doesn't make sense to keep it, but damned if I want to sell it.........................

If I do I'll put it back to stock and sell the parts off. Nobody going to pay much extra for the pumper, speedo, ASV, spring. 


Wonder if that pumper could work on the 350?  hmmmm

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400 sm are cool but you will appreciate it more after you get some motor work done.. those sm wheels are much heavier than stock dirt bike rims, you'll need the extra push


I personally wouldn't go high compression on an aircooled motor. I've recently discovered the primary gear change (on here) but not sure if that's needed? I've never heard of issues or reasons to upgrade until I started reading stuff here. I'd upgrade the con rod before any gears..

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