remove crank seal and countershaft sprocket seal

What is the tool I need to pull these 2 seals out?  The crank seal is recessed in the case and both of course, have shafts running thru them. I bought 2 different auto seal pullers but I could not get either to work. I drilled 2 holes in the crank seal and attached 2 screws and a wire between the 2 screws but repeated attempts to jerk them out failed.

A 90° pick. Or a small craftsman screwdriver and heat it and bend it to a 90 ° angle right where it goes from head to shank. Cool it down in oil. Then grind it down to fit working area.

I used a pocket sized. Ground to a point. Insert into the seal and from behind you can pry out.

I used something similar to these to get in behind the seal and gently pry/leverage out the crank seal's on my 05 crf250r. You out. Mine popped out no prob's

I borrowed from a buddy but guessing homedepot or an auto supply shop

good luck


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