Sooo, my son broke his...

Ulna and Radius arm bones today, while riding his bicycle. The breaks are rather bad and the ER couldn't decide if they should do surgery or not. They doped him up and "set" the bones by hand, using X-Rays to see if they did a good job or not.

My question is....Should I press for a "sports rehab" clinic to take on this break, or let the doctors chose his course.

The hospital was Mary Bridge in Tacoma, WA...a very good hospital. But since he rides motorcycles and is getting ready to race (obviously not this year).

What would your advice be at this point and time?

Sorry to hear, and hope he gets better soon. Not saying they're wrong, but it never hurts to be proactive. Personally I'd get a 2nd, or even a 3rd opinion. If they're wrong, better to get it fixed properly right away. If they're right, you'll have reassurance it was the correct decision.

There is not a lot of controversy in kiddie forearm fractures. Eight weeks in a cast usually do it. Rehab is on the back burner for these cases. If the bones are well lined up, then it somewhat of a no brainer.

Thanks DrMark. I guess the biggest concern that i had was the WAY that one of the bones an angle? or making a sharp point...if I am describing that properly. Which was my main concern. I have 4 boys and I know that they "bounce", but I haven't dealt with a break quite like this one before.

post the X-ray

Ah, got the X-Ray of the "set" bones today...they look real good, I going to let this go. Also wife informs me, the doctor treating this is a sports medicine guy.

Thank you DrMark.

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