Hi all.

I'm going to look at a Ktm sxf 250 2008, and this will be my first 4stroke bike I have owned. I'm not too sure what to look out for on 4 strokes, or what common faults these bikes may have. I am wondering if any one could offer some tips and knowledge of things to look out for, or to test on the bike on viewing?

Thank you


I just sold my '08 250sxf a few months ago so maybe I can offer some suggestions.  It was my first KTM and I'll admit that I had some reservations about buying one.  In the end it was a decent bike and I am glad I bought it and got over my KTM phobia (now have an '11).  Mine was an old MDK race bike so it wasn't stock but here are several issues that should apply:


1. Jetting; at the least it needs a smaller leak jet (2-3 sizes smaller).  The smaller the leak jet the more fuel goes to the accelerator pump and is sprayed into the motor.  There are a bunch of AP and fuel bowl products out there from what I heard work well to help solve the hesitation this bike has down low.

2. Exhaust; the stock pipe made my bike run like a vacuum cleaner.  Definitely needs a good pipe.

3. Air box; it took me a while to figure it out but you need to grease the sealing edge of the filter and deliberately push the filter cage in to seat it in the filter box. Trust me on this one.

4. Check the hot start fitting where it goes into the carb.  It is plastic and can leak.  You can get a metal one on eBay that works much better.


BTW, what drove me to a KTM was how poorly the last 4-5 new Jap bikes I owned handled.  IMO all of the late model KTM's handle very well.  Good luck and welcome aboard!

Thank you for all that. My reservation is on it been my first 4stroke.

Hope you are enjoying your newer 2011 model

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