Who's trail riding a yz250f?

First off I would like to say hello,

I have "stalked" these forums for a while and you all seem to be very helpful.


I am getting back into riding once I get back stateside. (im in the service stationed overseas)

I have owned a yz80(13 years old), cr125(16 years old), and ttr125(adult) and the ttr surprised me a lot. I weight 230 and I bought that bike to follow my daughter around on the trails, I put the bbr big bore in it with cam and carb and loved it. I was so surprised on how much fun that little bike was, even before I put in the fat boy springs. Well sense then I have sold all the bikes and got stationed overseas. I am due to return to the Washington state area at the end of February and have been considering buying a WR. I cant seem to find but a couple WR250F's for sale and a bunch of YZ250f's. I already know what you guys recommend because I have read all about it. I understand that the WR is a better trail bike, but it seems that a lot of time is spent trying to make it YZ powerful, my question is how many people are running yz250f's on the trails, what are there problems and does the lighter weight help or hurt?


Thank you guy in advance, and I cant wait to ride again.

Start with this sticky here .... http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/371723-wr250f-v-yz250f-or-which-should-i-get/


IMO ... you need e-start for any serious trail riding.  I would consider what type of trails you intend to ride and what type of situations you may find yourself in. If you stall out on a steep hill or in water, e-start is a blessing.


If it's always wet where you ride in Washington St. you may be better off the with a WR. The YZ rear is more likely to spin out in wet conditions.


Finally, that's a big jump from the TTR125 (even BB) to a YZ250. If the TTR "surprised you", then get ready for a big surprise with a YZ.

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lol yea it surprised me because of how much fun I had on it for how small it was not the power that was lacking but enough to carry 230. Iv owned the bikes mentioned above but whenever I used to go riding in california with my friends I would ride my buddys yz450f. it was a blast to ride after I got used to it. But I don't need that kind of power for what I'm doing though that's why I want to go with the wr/yz250f. but I still want something I can through around effectively, or putt around following my kids on there 50s. You guys have sold me on the wr they just seem to be harder to find than the yz. So it makes me wonder how trailable the yz's are, though you do have a point about just spinning in wet conditions.

That sticky is pretty long, but answers a lot of questions.


I am trail riding an 08 yz 250f,  added a 290cc Athena Big Bore kit, hot cams and a rekluse system and am having an absolute blast with it. The rekluse system helps out a ton but I definitely still find myself wishing I had e-start. If you can find a WR I would probably say take it but a YZ can definitely be turned into a pretty great woods machine.

I haven't ridden a newer WR, but I like my YZ in the woods just fine. Not as easy to lug as a wr im sure, but its light n nimble. I have a 269 kit in mine, but rode it on trails before that and it was fine. I also have a Rekluse... You could just get a heavier flywheel and skip the rekluse, it'd help make it more trail friendly.

Ok from what I undertand the rekluse system is a hydraulic clutch, couldn't i do the flywheel weight and rekluse?

I will be trying to find a wr right now im looking at a 09 for 3700, but my wife thinks it would be smarter for me to use the 4k as a down payment that way i know the bike is well maintained... i think ill be happy with either.

The rekluse is an auto clutch, I'm not sure what to think about that. I would give it a try, but i like being able to feather the clutch if needed. im going to do more research on this system.


I trail ride my 08yz250f. Its a great woods bike, bitch of a bike to start when hot though.

Yea you could do both, but if the Rekluse is working properly it shouldnt allow the bike to stall @ low RPM...so why would you need a heavier flywheel to prevent flaming out @ low rpm.

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I trail ride an 07 yz when there's no snow on the ground.  I'm running a stock engine and it's not too bad, you just have to play with the clutch.  Stalling going up a rough hill sucks, but one to three kicks and it's running again.  I've never been on a wr but the yz has a ton of "hit" when you open it up, but I'm 150lbs.  I was going to rebuild it again this summer/fall with a 290 kit and flywheel weight, but I'm getting a DRZ dual sport soon so I might put a BB kit in that instead.  I guess the flywheel weight makes it tractor much better, which would save some kicking I'm sure.  But a lot of people seem to love the recluse clutches.

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I had a 2011 YZ250F that I rode trails with all last summer. I added a FMF Q4 (needed a spark arrestor), but other than that it was stock. I really enjoyed this bike in the trails. I hadn't ridden in the dirt for over 20 years and I felt comfortable in minutes. The power delivery is awesome. I'm sure there are much better trail bikes out there, but it worked great for me.

On that note I just sold it and bought a 2013 WR450F (haven't ridden it yet). Mainly because I wanted it plated and also want the electric start.

You didn't mention a budget so this suggestion may not fly but here goes. I've got a 2013 yz250f and a 2009 KTM 250 xcf-w with a BB 290 kit. The KTM is my offroad bike, the yz mainly for track riding. There is no comparison between the KTM and the YZ on trails. The KTM was made for it and it shows. eStart, better gearing, smoother, much harder to stall and better suspended for slow technical riding. I've had the YZ on trails a few times and it's ok as long as the trails are fast and flowing. But once it gets rocky and technical it's no fun. A rekluse and suspension work would help but it will never be as good as the KTM. The YZ will kill the KTM on the track BTW.


Moral of the story, look for a real trail bike and don't limit yourself to Yamaha. KTMs are plentiful in Washington, but not cheap. I'm from WA state too and have a license plate on my KTM. I didn't have to do anything to the bike to get one. It's not really "street legal" but I have a headlight, brake light and mirror and that seems to keep the po-po happy. If it matters to you making a WR plateable is not going to be easy and probably not possible on a YZ.


Good luck with your search and thanks for your service.

ok so after searching and talking to my wife, I think I'm going to put a deposit down on a left over 2012 and when I get to the states I can pick it up. its 5500 and I like that its new, its 1500 more than a 2009 and I will know what's done to it and what hasn't been. when talking to the salesman he said that the throttle stop screw is ground down, not replaced, is this true?

thank everyone for there input, it would be hard for me to switch to ktm, iv had so much fun on the yamahas I don't feel right switching, I know that might sound dumb... and it might be but its how I feel about it.

They could just grind down the throttle stop. It doesnt HAVE to be replaced with a YZ one....it just makes it less work if you dont feel like grinding the wr one down...I mean its just a bolt with a smooth portion near the tip...nothin special!

Im riding an 07' yz250f. Its powerful enough for me, but then again I'm 145 lbs. But even if you are 230lbs it will carry your weight fine. i ride my yz primarily on trails and does just fine. 

Im riding an 07' yz250f. Its powerful enough for me, but then again I'm 145 lbs. But even if you are 230lbs it will carry your weight fine. i ride my yz primarily on trails and does just fine. 


I agree, even @ 190ish, it never seemed to be a problem in the trails...and we have a lot of sand to top that off.

I have a little over two weeks tell I'm stateside and buying a bike. I have been searching all over craigslist for something newer than an 07 and most of the wr's I'm finding are 4k or more, but the yz's are 1k cheaper for a newer bike. I'm hoping that a nice wr will show up but I am not going to pass up a newer and or nicer yz for cheaper. If it doesn't work out I will sell it in a year and hopefully buy next years model wr assuming that its going to be fuel injected. I'm pretty sure I will be happy with either bike, I'm going to be happy just to ride again after two years.


Thanks for everyone's help, I'll be in the Tacoma area with exception to a two week visit to the central coast California so if anyone comes across anything send me a pm.

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