2009 yz250 ignition and reed block upgrade

I am interested in looking into some aftermarket ignition and a reed block. I've seen the vforce 3 reeds are common and everyone says good things but I've seen good things about boysen. Is there anything else out there? What are some ignition options as well? Just really wanted a few opinions and thought here would be the best place.


I would go with boyzen I have v-force 3 and the reed pedals are always chipping and on the ignition I think GET makes a good one for Yz 250

Vforce for bottom/ mid Boyesen for top end.

As for ignitions I have a Vortex on my RM250 and love it. 10 different maps with a choice of 2 on the fly from a handle bar switch. And they're made in OZ so they should be priced decently for you.

From what I've read an aftermarket reed block gives minimal gains on the YZ250.  I was considering the VForce for a little extra bottom/mid gain, but I decided against it after some research here.

Ok thanks guys I think I'll go with ignition first. Thanks for all the help.

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