100 octane in 2 stroke. anything i need to do?

Just wandering wether when running racing fuel in a 2 stroke do i need to change anything like jetting or?? i just dunno about this stuff dont have plans to run it right away just interested on whats gotta be done if anything.



Many factors.

Are you currently jetted for ethanol?

Is the new fuel the same specific gravity as what you are running now?


Distillation curve?

Is your jetting absolutely spot on now?

Has ignitikn timing been retarded to fight detonation?

As you can see, there's a lot to consider. You may need to jet richer, leaner, or not even toich it.

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Unless your engine is heavily modified to require using high octane fuel I wouldn't bother, put 91 octane in it, save some money and use it towards tires/oil/filters. I had no issues switching from 91 to 112 without rejetting. I know if you switch to an oxygenated fuel like u-4 they recommend you go up two jet sizes on the main.

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Well said.

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Now I'm understanding haha.

thanks for the info guys think ill just stick to pump fuel and save my money. just everywhere I go always guys running it, thought it might of made a bit of difference


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