connection near carb

What does connection with 3 yellow wires in left side near carburator ? My bike after few meters of ride star to lose power like out of gas, goes off. When i tryed to unplug that connection it seems to be better. I changed new spark plug 

My friend told me that it coul be problem with plug lead but i have no idea how to check and can i change only lead without ignition coil??

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Same thing happened to my 2002 DRZ400S about 5 years ago.  I couldn't figure it out for the life of me, so I took it to the local dealer.  It was in fact those same 3 yellow wires coming from the R/R (regulator / rectifier).  They said they put new leads on it, if I knew that I would have done it myself !  Maybe this information will save you some $$$.


Good Luck.

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Thanks i check this too. Today i noticed that spark hits to my hand when i was holding spark plug lead and starting engine,  maybe this too could be a problem ?

This definitely shouldn't happen! Have you tried getting yourself a new, properly insulated spark plug lead?

If you have unplugged the regrectifier and the bike will then go , it is sign that the stator is grounding out . Have a look at the windings and see if it has any broken or burnt wiring , greg

Already ordered new spark plug lead and hope for the best. I will check windings too.

I think i solved problem. What i did is sprayed both connection parts with WD40 and hidden that connection under air filter cover, and now bike runs well. Maybe there was problem that water goes on connection  

Do the free power mod just to eliminate a shity oem connection and gain .5v charging capacity easy as pie and great for off roaring with a lot of start and stops

if i unerstood correctly this mod helps to solve problems with battery charging right ? But i havent problems with that:)

the oem connection is a realy bad desighn it is very prone to failure when it gets dirty or wet and it will heat up enough to melt the pins and plastic and being a direct connection to the batery is very bad news i had myne melt and short. I then had to replace allot of wiring because it tosted it

for a 5 min job its worth it!

It seems like i have had bad luck with my drz as every thing that can go wrong has but i can now rip it down in about 30mins lol

Do a search for the free power mod it might save you from being stuck out somewhere

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