Charging system problems and fixes

I had been having some charging system problems. I killed a couple of batteries in short order so I used my Clymer manual to troubleshoot it. The Honda manual isn't as helpful here. The VR seemed to be a problem because the voltage was all over the place and wouldn't get up much above 13 volts. It should have been higher. 


The OEM VR was ridiculously expensive so I got a Moose VR. It was supposed to be for the 650L. It fit but the housing didn't allow the stock mounting bolts to be used because they are too short. So I had to do some dremel surgery on the Moose VR to wallow out the depth of the mounting holes so a nut could go over the bolts. It was a PITA but I finally got something to work:



Voltage is now a steady 14.5 or so at all RPM.


Ok so that is better but after a long ride, I put the Battery Tender on and it took a long time to get up to full charge. It should have been fully charged so problem NOT solved. I had already ordered a Electrosport Stator but waited to install it to see if the VR fixed it. So I installed the stator. That was the fix it needed. Now the battery not only doesn't lose charge, as evidenced by the Battery Tender almost immediately showing full charge after plugging it in, but I also ahve about 80 more watts at my disposal. I use heated gear so that should help.


I posted this yesterday in response to a question about cold weather riding gear and it may be helpful here:


I did the install, which was easy yet extremely tedious. The worst part was getting the old gasket material off of everything. You have to take off the starter gear cover and the left side cover so there are 4 faces to clean. You can't just go at it with a razor or scraper because a gouge could cause a leak. I tried the BS gasket remover from Advance Autoicon1.png Parts which, was useless. (Not the name brand, it was just crap.) They used to sell a methylene chloride-based gasket remover which worked like a charm. But not anymore. I happened to have an old aerosol can of a methylene chloride paint stripper in the garage so I used the stripper very carefully. I used one of those red aerosol nozzle tubes to put it on as precisely as possible but I still ended up stripping some paint from the frame and engine case as it dripped. In the future, I will cover the frame with either plastic wrap or aluminum foil to keep that from happening. It still took hours to finally get everything clean. Many reapplications of the stripper were needed.

Also, the stator does not come with the grommet for the 3 wires to seal where they exit the engineicon1.png. You have to reuse the old grommet which means you have to cut it to get the old wires out and jam the new thicker gauge wires into the old spaces. I found out during the shakedown ride that it didn't seal properly. I didn't lose any oil until I got back and put the bike on the kickstand in my driveway. Then oil started pouring out. So sprocket had to come off and I cleaned everything and used some clear epoxy to seal where the wires come through the grommet. That worked but had I known, I would have used the epoxy during the install. 

The bike is 20 years old with over 21k miles on it. Electrical parts wear out. I already had to replace the CDI a couple of years ago so for less than $300, the charging system is back up to snuff.

Heated gear in ought to be ashamed of yourself. Seriously, sounds like you went thru hell to get to heaven. Too bad you had to go through all that BS because of the rubber grommet. I would think you might wanna use hi-temp caulk instead of epoxy.

Florida is not the only place I ride. Besides, if it's 30 degrees outside, it doesn't matter where you are. You get cold on a motorcycle. I guess you northerners are tougher than us though. Just a t-shirt and flip-flops unless it's snowing dry ice?


Epoxy seems to be holding up pretty well so far.

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I can't handle the cold like i used to, so the heated gear I got two years ago go has me spoiled.


That Rubber grommet will be a problem for me  here shortly as i need a higher watt stator myself. With no gasket, I used high temp gasket caulk for the entire stator case, including around the rubber grommet, and so far so good. The reason i took mine off was to try to find a rain induced miss, no, I mean an abrupt nasty clunking miss that'll try to throw you down on wet roads.......then will start up immediately. Anyway, it seemed to be in that area when i ran hose water on it. So far so good for light rain, but the next hard rain will tell me more.

I just replaced my stator too, For the Grommet I just took the old wires out since I had to cut them anyway. The new wires for the updated stator where a bigger gauge so I took a drill bit and made the holes larger in the stock grommet and then I just fished them into the larger holes. I then used some Hi temp silicone on the inside of the grommet for added protection from leaks.

Had I realized it was going to be a problem, I would have sealed mine on the inside too. I did the epoxy thing instead of having to tear into it again.

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