2002 Crf450r vs 2012 Crf450r

I am looking into getting a new bike and as if right now I have an 02 Crf450r and holy shit does it have power. I have heard that the 2012's are a little gutless. I need the power because I ride trail and desert and shit and if you have been to Jawbone you know you need the power. So I was wondering if any if you guys have ridden both and what the power difference felt like. I would put an exhaust and shit on the 2012 if I was to buy one so anyway. I know some racers are really dramatic and just say stupid things like that but what do you guys think power wise?

02 vs 2012? 2012 all day long. You aren't going to notice a crazy difference in power imo…. and besides the 2012 is way newer and is way nicer. Carb vs efi…. You will fall in love with a 2012 if you got it..

The '02 motor is the most aggressive motor Honda ever produced.

Unfortunately, the frame was too stiff, the front forks had a tiny bottom valve, and the intake valve seats were too hard.

You can easily get a '12 to be as fast as the '02 , and it will handle way better, period.

Thanks for the responses guys I think I may go with the Kawasaki though, but I have about 6 months to figure it out. I hear the Kawi's got balls.

An exhaust is lame.

You need a cam, high compression piston and portwork.

You won't be able to hang on.

If you are looking for a super aggressive hard-hitting 450F then the 09+ CRF is not the best choice (at least in stock form). The Kawi or KTM would be better.

I think I may end up getting the kawasaki. I dont know yet lol but the Kawi is sick!

15-16 just a guess.

I'm a die hard honda man, every bike I've ever owned has been a honda. Motorcycles, four wheelers, dirtbikes BUT I gotta say I'm gonna be buying a new bike in the next couple of years and if for some reason I'm not impressed with the 450r's, the kawi it will be!

Until then I'm gonna act like your making a bad choice lol


I owned a KX450 for a year.

Great power, really great suspension, but a much larger cockpit than my '08 R, and much MUCH larger cockpit than the '10-14 model R's.

It was also not built as well as the Honda: piston wear, bolts snapped, cases stripped, etc.

15-16 just a guess.

&%$#@!? Just a guess.
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