husky newb needing some input

So the other day I'm buying these atc70s from this guy. Well he had this husky in his barn and he wants to sell it. I know nothing about huskys but love vintage toys. I want to buy it but have no idea what its worth. It runs and rides and is on the stock bore. Here is the info I got off the bike.

1981 hus 250 or



1512357 fork

Fr80g1 tank

The info confuses me. Frame comes back to a xc, tank is from a wr, and the engine is from a or. If you guys can give me any info I would greatly appreciate it. Oh yeah the guy bought it brand new in 81 and has pics to prove it. Nothing has changed on it since then.





Bump really need some help here.

go to the forum. Guaranteed someone will answer your questions today.

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