2008 KTM SXF450 crankcase leaks

I just bought my first ktm. i got for great price! but crankcase is leaking. What gaskets do i order for it. how hard are they to change. what would be cheapest online store to buy from? is this common for this model & year of bike?


leaking outta right side by collant line, also rear of case, and left side by shifter. Here are some pictures of spots leaking. let me know what you guys think thanks!!











Buy a complete gasket set and start there.

U will need to do a complete tear down change out the gaskets , clean and check all the internals and might as will install new oil pumps for good measure

Ok thanks Bikes was just done about 5 hours on rebuild I don't think gaskets where its leaking but did to all internals. I will spray brake clean on spots where its leaking and change is leaking/seeping all over

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did you put in new gaskets after the rebuild or used the old ones?

I bought rebuilt so guy before probably cut the corner to save a few bucks on gaskets

I would recheck every part inside the engine when u change the gaskets. Ur already gonna have it apart so why not

First i would clean it really good with degreaser. Then run it and find out exactly where the oil is coming from. The oil on the left side by the shifter is either from the seal on the shifter shaft or the seal on the counter shaft, which is a common thing on ktms. good luck.

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