piston or valves

fuel injected 450 will only start when u give it some gas and it takes 10 to 15 kicks that's with the choke pulled once its warmed up its starts normal first or second kicked. any ideas?  

Please post in the correct forum. I have moved this for you

Start with easiest: valve clearence. it is most common problem with cold start.

Valves need adjusting. How many hours?

Sure sounds like valve clearances, yep.

Sometimes if the idle is set too low that can cause problems starting these FI motors. You ssid it starts with a little throttle that might be the place to start then work your way around the motor from the outside in. If you have mods done it could need a richer mapping. Is this something that just started? More info is needed here...

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It could also be a dirty fuel pump filter. The 09 CRFs had this issue.

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