2005 YZ 125.. Opinions?

Just wondering what you guys think of the 2005 yz 125. Looking at buying one right now and I'm just trying to find out the good and bad? How do they stack up to the other manufactures? Feel free to through up a pic of yours! Thanks

I love my 05 yz125. It's very smooth (probably because of the 6 speed tranny.) i got mine completely stock, barely any ride time. If you get one, get a 2007 shift stopper. 12 dollar part, and 30 mins top. BAM! Confidence restored with the motor. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392161136.273343.jpg

Like derck said, the shift stopper is about the only known problem.

I love my 05. Only problem is the suspension. It's not really a problem just the 06 up have better suspension.

She cleans up very good, replaced the shift stopper, though it does not have the 06 SSS suspension

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392180507.805156.jpg

Awesome thanks for the responses guys

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