2014 rmz450 2014 yz450f 2013 kx450f

Ok guys, I've read countless reviews and shoot outs and videos etc. Never any forums talk though which is more important in my opinion because it's us consumers who actually ride them not some pro paid by the company to say they're good. Currently riding 2011 kx450f my brothers, love the way it rides but I need a bike for myself now. Pros about rmz, I have a local dealer that will sell it to me for 7100 out the door 2014 brand new. Heard it's great handling. Cons- personal opinion always hated "susucki's" I know a little harsh but we bought one for my friend a few years back a 2006 450, my 05 crf450 all stock completely walked all over it. Now it's 8 years newer technology and hear nothing but good about handling. BUT, engine power, I'm used to a kx just with a slip on and one tooth in the front for acceleration. How will a rmz450 compare power wise? Does it have a good bottom end-kawi shines on the bottom. Yz450f- sticker price so more expensive but I love the look of the red white and black model with the black rims, reviews say it's the most powerful with good suspension and great reliability. Cons price is fine but getting an rmz for 7k out the door just seems too good to pass up even though I'd rather ride a yami.

2013kx, used to 2011kx, heard 2012+ is a little quicker comes with launch control-whatever, better suspension, still lacks a little but I like the suspension on the 11-probably just used to it. Only reason why I wouldn't buy a 14 is because they're identical so for 1k$ less I'd much rather get a 13 when it's almost the same bike.

Between these 3 models, which should I get? Pros and cons, personal experiences with the yz or rmz? Sorry such a long read!

2005 crf450r-sold

2006 raptor 700

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All are good, but I love the kx. I think it's all around the best.

RMZ sounds like a good deal.

I had a 06 rmz450, most reliable I ever had. My vote is the rmz. I love Suzuki handling.

You can make the RMZ look anyway you want, diff graphics, plastic, wheels, etc. You can't make a Yamaha handle like a zook, regardless of mods. That being said, they all kick ass so get what YOU want, no need for a forum to vindicate your decision. Gluck.

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