Stock 650 exhaust on 350

I currently own a 97 dr 350 se and it has a super trap exhaust that is way too loud. I've tried to quiet it down with disks and several baffle ideas but it's still too noisy for my liking. I am aware of Kientech and his mods but I cannot find a used stock exhaust for a good price. Has anyone tried a 650 exhaust on a 350? It would seem to have more flow than a stock 350 and still be quiet. Any ideas?

I applaud your interest in quieting down a loud exhaust!

The stock DR650 exhaust is a fairly convoluted affair, not just a simple canister. I would be surprised if it wouldn't be very difficult to graft onto a DR350.



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Yes I know it's a lot different but I'm looking for flow and quiet/moderate sound. I have read some db results for fmf quietcore vs. stock with only a 2-4 db increase. Does anyone know if that is measured at idle or open throttle? I'm open for suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Just send your stock exhaust to Jessie for the mod. I think it's sixty bucks or something. I have it on one of my bikes and it flows good and is really quiet unless your running it hard and then it's still a lot softer than my aftermarket exhaust.

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Sorry just read your post again. You might try some packing or something I guess they have a core? Never had or really seen one up close.

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The more I think about it I might consider trading with you.I got mine as extras with one of the bikes I bought and don't really like the added weight. Text a pic of it and I'll send you one of mine if yours isn't all smashed and gouged up. 2564660518

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I appreciate the offer but the super trap I have isn't pretty. Not sure you would want it. Would you consider selling the one you have? Does it have the mod? Many thanks.

I have one with the mod but I'll just give you a stock one for free if you want it. It's not beat up but I boogered up the fingers beating it off the header.

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If you do want it Jessie can fix it while doing the mod to it. You could do the mod yourself if u or someone can weld. All you need is a 1 1/2 pipe drilled with holes in it. And if the muffler metal blows out on welding back together just find a peice of pipe the same diameter and shove in it and weld to that.

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What I'm calling fingers is the part where it slips over the header. I rolled a few back and beat that part with a chisel.

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ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392779877.912141.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392779902.028490.jpg

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ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392782009.856726.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392782025.623017.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392782043.989270.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392782062.988699.jpg

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Beat back into submission!!! It's rusty but very solid. No rot and it's not smashed or dented anywhere.

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The one flared piece is where the old clamp was tacked from factory it will be ground off.

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That sounds great! Your stocker looks fine to me. I have the ability to clean it up. I can get it welded but not sure if I would mod it myself. Or maybe I'll just send it to Jesse and let him do his thing.

What is the appropriate method of contact?

Just call me tomorrow at 2564660518 or text me your full address.

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Sounds great! Will call tomorrow.

I would have said call tonight but I just finished two training classes for work.One was 8 hrs and the other was 4 and my brain hurts. But while it's on my mind, before you send it off the Jesse try taking out the two plugs in the bottom and see if that should up the flow and still be quiet.

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