New rider with a 2-Stroke question. 2006 yz 250

Hello everyone, new dirt bike rider coming from sport bikes. I have never had the chance to ride a dirt bike and now that i actually can afford to pick up another hobby i said hell with it. I had a long debate in m head 450 vs 250 2t and hands down the 2t is the way to go, snappy power,less moving parts to break and way lighter.  Im 6,0 210 lbs i think the 250 is mucho perfecto for my big ass. my worry is that with 2t going away due to these self important liberal scumbags. will i be able to get parts in 6 months or a year? Will i even be able to ride in state parks? I dont want a 4 stroke but if i have to i will. it just between the cost of repair up to price used the 2t is just right for me. The bike i have picked is a 2006 yz250, i understand thats the cream of the crop and can hold its own with today's bikes. Thank you.

It sounds like you know what you want. The part about not being able to find parts in a year if you buy a 2 stroke I wouldn't worry about. Especially with an 06 yz250. If your worried about the future of these bikes look for parts for an 86 trx250r right now. You can almost piece one together off ebay still. If there is a demand for parts someone will make them.

I'm not sure about the state park thing but on private property you can ride what you want.

2t isn't going anywhere.....And the YZ is a great bike...

It seems like 2 strokes are coming back, ecspecially in the enduro world! If you watch any enduro race there is a lot of 2 strokes, and a lot of yzs! I think a lot of people and Manufactuers are realizing 2 strokes are the way to go and are much easier to maintain compared to these expensive for strokes, and companies such as ktm, gas gas, husqvarna, ect. continue to progress in making 2 strokes.

I don't think there is anything to worry about as far as parts, ect. As they still make the yz 250 and hopefully continue to do so!

Long live 2 strokes!!! :)

you are going to fit right in with 97.5% of the T.T. riders......the 2006+yz250 is the best bike from 8 to 80 no matter your size,weight or skill level or what kind of riding you do.....there are thousands of threads on T.T. to back this statement just really suprised that you dont see more yz250's than we do at local riding spots {hmmm}maybe they didnt make eough YZ250'S to go around or maybe everybody didnt get the memo fom T.T.......a yz250 is a great bike but it is certainly not the best bike for everybody and it may not be the best bike for you either so don't overlook another good bike just to be in the yz250 club.....just a thought!

2t isn't going anywhere.....And the YZ is a great bike...

Perfect,and you will never have an issue finding part's for the YZ.Fact.Oh,good choice.

As the others said, 06+ Yz's are some of the best bikes out there, and parts are and will be plentiful. Get a spark arrestor and as far as I know you can ride anyplace you want. Welcome to dirt, and two strokes!

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