How bad are these?

My 3rd gear was slipping I've managed to get her a part this is my first time tearing a bike down to this extent. the really worn one is the fork for that gear and everything else looks good the drums fine the shafts are straight with no wear even the dogs look barely worn. I guess my real question is do the little scuffs at the top of the arch mean there finished or is that normal



The scuff at the top is from the gear riding the side of the fork. I wojld replace it. If the fork gets hung up on that groove-it will not shift properly.

Thanks do u think the other two are at the end of there life do these wear out quick

They have some polishing and wear on the ends. If you have the money-i would replace them. It can get coslty rebuilding the trans. But its worth it in the end.

Yeah alright why not just fix em all eh I'd hate to have to order a new gasket over them have any of you ever reused crank gaskets? I bought a hole kit but for future reference lol

didn't understand, you had a problem with the 3rd gear and this is the only thing that looks not good?

this is not the problem i guess, when the gears are in the spec there is no side force that will damage the fork, so this is not the main problem now, you should exam the the gear again.

Very true amitx. We discussed this before on the forum. People have replaced forks or the drum,yet trans still failed. Seems that play in trans-poosibly worn bushings or a washer..or a gear,allowing play. That is one reason why i feel it is best to replace all associated parts. Alot of people do not replace that washers/bushings

I pulled hard on the shifter and ever since if I hit the throttle really hard it would feel like its ratcheting or skipping ill post some pictures of the gear its not rounded like some of I've seen on here but I remember some wear ill post them up tomorrow if I get a chance to head to the garage

Now that you mention it and thinking back one side of those dogs wernt rounded but looked like it might be slanted lol maybe it is slanted and that's what pushed them apart shit now I have to drive out there to find out

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