TTR 90 top end noise ?

Hey guys, new here. Hope I'm in the right place. I have a newly acquired TTR 90 that smoked like a tar kettle. I tore it down & it was definitely using some oil. Cylinder looked good, piston looked good, but rings were gapped at .013. An older forum on here stated that was suitable. The valves were burnt, seals gone, but overall everything was real clean and not showing much wear. Cam looked great, timing chain was good, guides ok etc.. My first approach was new std rings, new valves, valve seals, new gaskets, new oil. All installed & set valves to .0020 on intake & .0032 on exhaust. Fired up great, and after burning all the residual oil left in the exhaust, it no longer smokes, but there's a noise. A tapping noise, think it's coming from the head possibly. The noise goes away at higher rpm. I let the valves out a little more, but it's still there. Any thoughts?? ....remember cylinder wall measured good, piston looked good. Oil pump maybe?

No takers?

My wife's little TT-R90 makes a tapping noise as well....just ride it. If it runs fine, doesn't smoke, doesn't use oil...then you should be just fine. All my bikes make different noises. I've learned to just not worry and ride more!  :ride:

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