2007 CRF230F Jetting Nightmare

I need some help. I cannot get my wife's 230F tuned properly. Currently it has the 03-05 needle with the clip in the fourth from the top position, 120 main jet, 48 pilot, fuel screw 1.5 turns out, intake snorkel removed, and exhaust baffle pulled. I have been trying to figure this our for quite some time. I have tried all the clip positions with this needle, the power up needle with various jets per the Rick Ramsey site. I have easily been in the carb 50 times....


The bike sputters at mid-throttle on the stand or riding. I don't know at this point if its lean or rich. I have pulled the air filter out and the problem didn't seem to change much...





Any help?

Changed to a 42 pilot with no change....bog occurs at about 1/4 thru 3/4 throttle if the throttle is opened quickly to full the bike runs well...all bogginh occurs in the middle of the throttle openings

Are valves adjusted properly?

Spark plug new?

Engine oil NOT over full?

Does the issue improve on the stand if choke is half on?

Your jetting settings sound close to perfect especially with 03 needle and 48 or 45 pilot so this suggests you have another problem. Could even be electrical as suggested such as plug or maybe cdi box. Method of elimination is way to go but jet choice is unlikely the problem.

Sounds rich to me.  Did you check the float level with the carb off and on the bike?


Landerz had some great advice,  What did you find?

I went to the third clip on the 03 - 05 needle made a big difference. Bike was a kit more responsive.

4th clip is rich.

sorry - nevermind

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this may sound stupid but the choke lever needs to be in the down position to be off, i spent a weekend tearing my carb apart until someone on TT told me about this problem

I don't get it...

You have the carb off and apart right?

You can't look into the carb and move the choke lever back and fourth to see it. Open, closed, open, closed...

Someone had to tell you which way was open and which way was closed

?????? And you believed it also, right?

OH Vehicles are a lot like handguns...

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