CR85 Random Death

So I just rebuilt my top end on my cr85 ran perfect after break in process. Took t to the trails for Afew hours and the next day it never started up again. So far I've checked the piston looks good as new no signs of wear just a little carbon on top. The bike has compression wheel doesn't turn over if you put it in gear and try to roll it but if you try to kick it it won't start. I checked the carb took it apart cleaned and replaced everything to make sure it was gettin gas and there was no build up. After I checked my plug and the spark is strong so what can be the problem??? It ran perfect like nothin was wrong then over it just randomly died on me :( I've been able to start the bike but only if i push start and keep running pushin the bike to turn over the motor. Once it's in it bogs but catches the power band and starts moving like nothing's wrong once you let the gas go it bogs out and shuts off once I let the clutch go and turn the motor over it fires up. I've adjusted the carb to the same setup I always do to all my 85s when I first rebuild them to start them which is fuel screw one complete turn out and the air screw 2 turns out all my bikes have started up fine like that but no luck on this puppy, I've had the carb setup like that before but this time around nothing. What do you guys think is going on? Only changes made to the bike was changin from fmf exhaust to stock pipe and silencer. Can it be my jets? Last top end was rebuilt due to a hole being melted on top of my piston (wiseco top end kit in both rebuilds) but no damage to the cylinder so in lost now what do you guys got for me?

Did you happen to move the stator at all when you rebuilt the motor? Seems like it might possibly be a timing problem. I'd give that a look then from there id check all my electrical lines... If a ground wire is even loose somewhere it could cause all kinda of problems. My brothers yz 125 had that problem. Ground wasn't on and the bike wouldn't start. Screwed it on and ran good as new.

we've had the crank seal get pushed out on our before. check them and if you have a compression gage check the compression 

I haven't touched the stator so I doubt that should be it it was running perfect no problems then the next morning would've crank up i don't have no way to check the compression other then by the kick start or seeing if the wheel rolls when I put it in gear. I do feel like I have no compression when I try to kick it over sometimes but with your hand you feel compression on the motor

First off, you dont have a fuel screw, what screw do you have 1 turn out?

Check float level, and check the jet passsges and check the rings.

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Didn't mean to say fuel screw I mean the smaller screw on the side of the carb to adjust the fuel and air mix was turned out one complete turn and my idle adjust screw was out 2 turns. All jets have cleared passages no build up I cleaned and rebuilt the carb and got it to fire up after but I can't find the right settings to keep it idling. It will die out if you don't keep revving it up. The rings seem good the piston looks like it's brand new still.

Check your reeds.

Can you adjust your idle?

Its not done by counting turns.

Check kill switch continuity? Possible u pinched wire during transport?

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