Race gas

Do you guys mix race gas in with your normal gas. I was at a Yamaha test event and the rep recommended doing it with a stock bike. I think he recommended 1 gallon of race gas with 5 gallons of regular gas. Does this sound right? What type of race gas would you recommend?

Yes - gas quality is not reliable out of the pump and bad gas can take the plating off of your cylinder.  I run 50% race gas but I would probably be ok with 30% race gas.  Plus it will give you consistent getting.

Vp c-12. Only bad thing is they say to drain your carb after every use

Yes they need some race gas...I use 110 leaded from the pump.

You can detune for pump gas

I run 30% 100 oct race gas with, with 91.

I use to run Ethanol Free 89 pump, but now I run AV Gas 100LL, and I don't mix it with dirty pump.  Way better.

I mix at a 1to3 ratio of VP C12 and 91 octane non-ethanol pump gas,  

gives about a 95 octane number.

if you fix the crappy stock head squish you can run pump and it would run better than a stock head with the blended pump/race


Problem isnt fuel, its the head and the stock timing

Running good ol 94 with my squish set..... A heck of a lot cheaper then race fuel.....

An important thing to getting a handle on fuel is to not use any ethanol blends if you can help it.  I know in some states, that's not so easy.  Again, I feel SO lucky.  My YZ is totally happy  with 91 or 92 pump premium non-ethanol.  I haven't messed with the squish or timing and I don't think the PO was smart enough to do it.  I've even tried to make it ping or knock and haven't heard anything yet.

I run 93 pump gas I think it should be ok

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