Changing rear spring from 5.7 to 5.6 worth the effort.

When I type my info into one of the spring calculators it has me dropping down from a 5.7 too a 5.6. Is this even worth the cost or time since they are so close. I am new too racing mx but not new too dirt bikes but don't know much about suspenion setup thanks.

Not worth it. It is very little difference. just get your sag right with the spring you have.

How does it measure up anyway? Can you get the numbers close in full kit?

Thanks I'm not sure what they are my forks are off the bike and I have gained about 20 pounds since last time I rode the bike. I weigh 180 with out gear now. I'm pretty sure I was too light at 160 for the stock springs front and rear last year the bike was stiff but think I might have possibly grown into the springs by gaining weight. I will measure when I get the forks back on. The two spring calculaters give me numbers that are quit different. I am 180 pounds with out gear it has 4.7 springs up front and a 5.7 in the back. I race mx but am slow because I just started racing. It felt super harsh last year but I'm wondering if that might have changed because I am now heavier.

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What are you riding, a YZ450?

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