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Have I mentioned lately how awesome WR is ? ?

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So, the NCVS>NCVQ needle was a wake up call; richer is the wrong direction.  The Flat spot changed, but did not get better. Still sluggish at partial throttle. Now more than ever it required a hand full of throttle to accelerate, and when it hit the peak of the cams, it  wasn't pretty



After looking at Bikbandit's parts fiche, both WR and YZ's,  I realized that the 2006 YZ450F, (which is basically what my head and cams are now) was leaner stock on the needle, and had a large assortment of even leaner needles to choose from.


NFPQ was the needle I choose, as it was the leanest of the group.


I installed it, and installed the washers under the clutch spring bolts.


WOW is all i can say. 


Now I can pull a gear higher, because partial throttle actually works again. 

I was shifting about half as much as usual, and was able to pull a higher gear with less effort.

And with the smoother clutch action and subsiqent smoother shifting (less drag) it was a very improved riding experience. 





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