Just picked up a RM

Hey guys,

I just picked up a RM from a buddy of mine. It was locked up when I got it, he said he thought it was just the kickstarter. So, I pulled the head off and found the head had small Knicks in it. After that I pulled the cylinder off and found that the intake side of the piston had broken off and there were pieces that were wedged in between the crank and the cases. I removed the piston and removed all the pieces of the piston out of the bottom of the cases and drained the gear oil out of it. There was no sign of metal in the gear oil, so I think that area of thd motor is fine. I know I can get parts for the motor, so that's not a big deal.

I am however looking for a replacement rear brake pedal and I am having trouble finding an aftermarket one. Anyone know where I can pick one up from? I plan on re-doing the entire bike once I am finished with it. I just want to get it back running again before I do the rest of it.


I forgot to add, the bike is a 2003.

Is there any real major difference between this year and the others?

Are parts interchangeable?

There's a guy who has a brake pedal from Warp 9 on his 03 250. He says the pedal for an 05-07 RMZ450 fits.

Check it out here about half way down. Username dnighty22.


eBay is your friend.

So just to clarify, your going to continue running that crank without splitting the cases and looking for damage ?

Uhhh that crank and the bearings are probably done FYI.


I have a 2005 complete motor that's got a new piston and really low hours on it that I'm selling.  No idea if that fits an '03.

What are you asking for that motor?

And I am splitting it and inspecting it more, I was just saying that it seems ok because after getting the pieces out, i can spin the crank and it spins smoothly. But I am going to split it and check everything.

$1k, or $1250 with a Rekluse EXP (one ride on it)

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