99 cr250 top end

I'm doing a basic top end rebuild just wondering what your guys opinions are on the best brands of pistons, rings, ect.

everyone is going to have their own favorite pistons, and some that they don't like.. But me personally I have always ran Pro-X pistons in all of my 2 strokes, And I ride all MX and ride my bikes really hard. I have never had a problem with Pro-X.  But that is my opinion. 

wiseco alllllll dayyyyyyy

OEM alllllllllll niiiiiiiiiight







Namura............ I had to.........




I run oem but thats not to say others will not work.

I put wiseco in my bike and love it! But I will probably go stock next time around. I read on here that the stock piston is softer then the cylinder walls. The wiseco is harder according to him. I'm going to do a lot more homework to confirm this and if it is indeed true I'm going the stock route and that is my reasoning on why. I would rather have my cylinder walls as my stronger link. Also I'm fully aware that in a catastrophic failure my cylinder will be toast.


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