Ktm 65 ...?

My son is moving up from a klx110 to a 65. I have almost made my mind up on buying a ktm65 reason why not the kx or rm is that I like the suspension a lot better and the hydro clutch.

So here is questions I'm ask if you guys can help me out on please, we are looking at a really clean ktm65 2008 with out the power valve. The 2009 released the power valve motors, should we really be looking for a 2009 or newer for the power valve ..?

We plan on doing a lot of trail riding and twice month track riding maybe more not sure as of now

And last ?is I here people saying the ktm cost more to take care of but when I compare parts ktm vs kx the parts are like $10-$20 more for ktm.. If maintenance the bike regularly there should not be a problem right ..?

But my big ? Is power valve and are we really going to notice on track compared to power valve bikes ?

I dont have any input on the ktm 65 but today was my 7yr olds first day on his 2007 kx 65 which has no power valve. let me tell you the power of the little 65s is like a light switch. it isnt smooth  he spent most of his day going pretty slow cause it scared him when it got up on the pipe. on a positive note he picked up the clutch very fast. 

The big reason to buy a KTM is for the powervalve.  A suspension guy told me that the KTM suspension was not that much better that the KX.  Take that FWIW.


On the KX hit, a pipe upgrade helps to smooth that out by adding low end.

KTM 65 is the best by far.  Get a 10 or newer.  They did some case and Powervalve improvements for reliability issues they had on the09.  The suspension is better than a KX, but either is good if you want to spend the money on having it tuned.  Motor is much more linear on the KTM, and that is mostly due to the Powervalve.   The clutch wouldn't be a deciding factor.  I've seen a few hydro clutch issues that made me glad I had a cable.

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