Honda Xl 250s 1979 Shifting problem.

Hi my names Nick, Recently got a 1979 Honda Xl 250s, the bike was sitting for 8 years. After i got it i went through the fuel system and ran like a charm. but when i finally wanted to put into gear (while holding in the clutch in) the like jolted and died tried it a couple other times and the same thing each time. So i opened it up and found a broken follower and replaced it i also dis assembled the clutch itself to see if there was any thing jammed in it. nothing so i put it back together unfortunately i wasn't paying attention and snapped the follower. so it sat while i got another one........ 1 month later due to laziness and shipping problems i got the part and put it back together. first question how do you guys tighten the clutch bolt without the special tool? thinking it was tight enough i put it all together without breaking any thing and filled it with oil. gears sound like it clicks in but either A. I didn't tighten the clutch enough or B. there's something wrong. please help.



Without the correct tools to Torque the clutch hub bolt to specs, you will have to use a "flat rate" mechanic's favorite tool:

A 3/8 drive "air wrench"

Turn the air pressure down and don't hammer it hard. (Then build or order the correct tools for next time)

So i figured that problem out thanks to a little torque. New problem the clutch won't disengage killing the bike every time i try to shift. the bike runs good when i had it apart it looked like aftermarket clutch springs. and all the cables are good. :banghead:

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