xr200 case leaks

i have a problem with what appears to be a leak i have been chasing this awhile and have swapped the clutch cover gasket 3 times now tried rvt sealant even on the case surfaces. i thought it was leaking around the bolt but now i'm not so sure.

problem bolt is on the lower right front of the case and it seems like i have this visable edge between the clutch cover and the right center case but it doesn't look unordinary. it seems like i am getting the leak in this one small area it like its leaking from behind the bolt area. i even swapped clutch covers and i am starting to think now that the right center case maybe wrapped here. has anyone ever had this happen before maybe after a crash / hit to cases in this area?

pics would help

pics may not help much it's one of those things ya can't see by just eye ballin it i think the flat machined surface of the right center case has been flattened and it doesn't seal. i got some jb weld and i'm just gonna build it up and fill it over the leak for now and seal the bolt hole area up with some rvt or prematex.

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