2013 YZ250 REBUILD.

I am going too be doing a rebuild on my new ya as soon as my top end gets here from Eric gorr. I recently purchased all of the tools to do the job. I also bought some Yamabond liquid gasket and idk if it's the right kind, I'd like too know before I rip it apart! ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1391997459.550808.jpg

That's what I use all the time.

Liquid gasket for what?

Engine gaskets. If you don't have a clutch cover paper gasket Yamaha Liquid Gasket is Yamaha Mechanics Approved. I don't but paper gaskets anymore. If the kit provides one I use it if it doesn't I use the Liquid Gasket. Never had a fail.


What's wrong with just buying a paper gasket kit?

Nothing at all its just the dealerships aren't open on Sunday and Monday around here and close very early on Sat so if I need to do a top end or clutch replacement, ext. I prefer to use the liquid gasket instead of a used gasket. Much easier to carry a tube then 50 different gaskets.


If your not touching the bottom end you shouldnt need any liquid gasket..

Thanks guys, and I am doing the bottom end also. I had a head gasket failure and it seized the top end and and the rod bearing was junk after that.

My top end just showed up! Can't wait for my first rebuild ever!

Take your time watch a YouTube video if you need to see things, did you have gorr do anything? Porting or bored/?

Yes I have watched all three of Rocky Mountain atv mc's videos. I still would like too know if there is anything else that I should know?...

Yes I had Eric bore the cylinder too a 265 got a head mod for pump gas and had the mo betta porting option done. Can't wait for motocross!

Should I just put my main bearings in the freezer or should I keep trying too find dry ice in my area?

Freezer will work fine if they are left in it overnight.

Should I just put my main bearings in the freezer or should I keep trying too find dry ice in my area?

I put mine in the freezer for only an hour. Also only used a heat gun instead of a torch... went perfectly :D

Sweet thanks guys!

I recently got my yz rebuilt! I can't wait to try the 265 kit!

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