Protecting "The Boys"...

Now I have read lots about many forms of bike protection, as well as equipment for protecting various body parts, but what about two of our more important assets?  It has never occurred to me to wear a "can" or "cup" if you will, until a recent story I heard got me thinking...


A colleague of mine had a friend who was out riding a few years back.  He had some sort of impact that caused him to slide forward and up across the gas tank.  Things didn't feel right so he pulled his pants down only to see that his scrotum had been ripped open and his testicles were lying in his underwear...


So maybe this might seem silly, but is wearing a can while out riding a completely insane notion?  Not something that I have seen regularly discussed, and my friend's story continues to haunt me...

I think every man who reads that will die a small death, but yea ive thought bout it, however I also think itd be really annoying. I dont know anyone who wears one. IF i was to do it, id get some of those compression style shorts with the cup built right in to help keep it from movin around too much. Like:^887547137877-adtype^PLA-device^c-adid^14584524876


I know I have had my bike kick up on me unexpectedly when I was half seated....and "squish" lmao... that gave me the weird achy feeling for a lil bit...i had to stop on the side of the track for a second. If you really stop and think about it, there are tons of ways you could crush your some lay down where you somehow slide up into the bars, etc. I may give it a try this year...I mean hearing about a dude getting his sheit ripped open has me nervous now.

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I've racked myself badly twice, one time squished my snake rather than smashing the boys. Both times were because of my 19 year old stupidity. I mean real stupidity.

On a CR 500 in the desert I jumped across this ditch I knew very well, and about 20' later was a wash. Well rains had changed the landscaping a little, but did I have sense enough to check if the wash had "washed out??" Nope. Going up outa the wash after jumping the ditch wasn't a smooth line, it was a 15" cliff of dirt. Good luck Josh.

I pulled the front wheel up, rear wheel bucked my forward and over the bars in the top of third gear. The only cool thing was my d1ck swelled up massively for a week after it broke my pelvis' fall against the gas tank.

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