chad reed broken bones


turns out he broke his Scapula, collarbone and T1.

And he plans to race next week? Makes a lot of guys look like pusswahs. I'll be cheering him on right behind JS7 of course lol.

Hope he heals quick

Damn.  And that sissy Canard stops after getting landed on?  Honda should sue him

Must be the drugs speaking

Must be the drugs speaking

I agree....    He's got that good insurance and they're giving him the good shit!

He plans to BE there in 6 days. No way will he be RIDING.

How is he really going to race with those injuries? Seems crazy. If there is a guy to endure such pain, it would be him.

If he races like that he's an idiot. Reed is not an idiot, he will not race. Sad, More cushion for RV now, I suspect a two horse race with him and Roczen. 

Has anyone even mentioned that he is the grittiest rider out there? I didn't think so. Gritty, seriously.

And Bubbles quit because his bars were bent.    HAHAHA!!









Nah, there is no way he will be riding.   Dang.    Guess that means the one other win that Stewart gets need to have that asterisk.  

Lets see a T1, not like he broke his neck.

Just the one below.


He could be milking this one.

He can say he racing...and if he is a fool...he can even try, but when the body suffers that much trauma, it just does not cooperate.

I just can't imagine riding in 6 days with those injuries. I would love to see. Miracle but that seems to risky and to bold even for Chad Reed.

no one said anything about the nature of the breaks.

he might be an alien


It seems when he starts getting some results he gets injured .

And Bubbles quit because his bars were bent.    HAHAHA!!









Nah, there is no way he will be riding.   Dang.    Guess that means the one other win that Stewart gets need to have that asterisk.  

Gratuitous Stewart reference here.     :lame:

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