My DIY version of the "E" brake/turn/running light

Bought this bike a week ago and haven't been able to ride it due to the snow and ice we have been having. So might as well do some "DIY" mods on it. I like to try to make all my bikes "mine". 


So for fun and practice I wired some LEDs in the stock location of the tail light. I still need to make a plexiglass rear lens for it to keep it a little more protected. Also might put a little bigger resistor on the tail light to dim the running light down just a little to make the brake and turn signals pop a little more.


Will see how I like it, worse comes to worse, I will go ahead and switch it out for the aftermarket light. I still need to get the brake light switches and other parts. Also going to get some Kends K760s on the way shortly.


Thanks for looking.



Very nice!!

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