Post your ride videos!

Finally went back to Barnwell Mountian after I wrecked in my back yard

Yep, I'm still on that bald Dunlop dual sport tire too.

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Here's a ride I took last month with me on my WR and my son on the KX:


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Nice! Glad to see the thread still sort of alive.

How about another:


I do miss the riding in NM, some absolutely awesome places to go out there. If you get a chance, the riding out in Gallup, in the red rocks is worth the drive.

De Wildt day out :)



Palomas Gap in Southern NM


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Supermodel fun in pa

My day in the Jemez Mtns... :ride:


I have been slacking big time with the GoPro... I will make a little video this weekend if the rain let's up a little.

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