01 YZ426F jetting

I just recently bought my buddy's dirty bike and was wondering if i would have to rejet it. I live in Phoenix, AZ. The bike is completely stock and has low hours.. I believe the previous owner lived in Colorado.

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Depends. How does it run? Have you gone over the engine and ensured its' health?

It seems to run quite well. It has low hours on it. I have not checked valve clearances.

I was wondering if a jet kit would be needed or should some adjustments be made to the carb (rich/lean).

If it runs well, then it is fine.


Jetting will not make a good running bike better. It may resolve running issues.


If it runs properly, you cannot 'fix what is not broke'.

I rode it today.. It seemed to run pretty well. Throttle is responsive and snappy. Got the front wheel up a couple times.

If I were considering going further north in Arizona or even north out of state for some riding, would the altitude difference affect the bike so much that carb tuning or jet kit would be needed?

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