1986 xr250r not starting

im getting spark and fuel but wont start have compression also. Spark plug is bone dry. isnt it supposed to get gas? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Check that your jets are not blocked up. I had the same problem when I did the bst40 mod on my xr and used the stock jets.

Carb has been cleaned thourghly twice. Thanks.

Any other suggestions? Thanks

Open the float bowl drain to make sure that there is gas in there.

Yes i did that. Im getting gas to carb its got good gas and spark just wont fire. i cant figure this out. any idea why its not getting any gas to spark plug. or to why not firing? Has anyone had any problems with these bikes?

Are you using full choke?

Carb has been cleaned thourghly twice. Thanks.

I don't want to sound like I'm insulting your intellect here. But did you use something like oxy/acetylene tip cleaners to clean the jets? I had to go to the pharmacy and get asked a few weird questions to get a syringe to clean the pilot jet.

Valve timing? I needed to buy a new cylinder head and piston for the same bike because a valve came apart while she was running... look through the exhausted holes and see if anything looks fishy

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