Anyone know where Jesse Nelson is riding at in the Moto4? Or tyler bereman in moto 5?

Just moved down to Santa Maria area and I am pretty sure they are riding up in the hills near here! anyone know exactly?

He tells you, Zaca Station ;).  


His first segment....I really don't know, but he did say "____"

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haha well I know Zaca but I was talking about when they were up in the hills free riding!

I'm almost positive that is the Castillo ranch in Los Alamos. 101 and Cat Canyon rd. You can see the little track from the road, can't really see any of what they are riding from the road.

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Can you link some of the footage you're talking about? I could only find Tyler at zaca.

Don't have a copy of Moto 5 but...I found this on the internets and we all know they never lie.  Looks like Tyler's sections were in the Oregon Dunes & Beaumont Hills.




Tyler Bereman’s Beaumont Section
Tyler Bereman was the star of the show in MOTO 5, since he is basically featured in three parts in a row. We all knew about his section in the dunes of Oregon, but a very nice surprise was his entire Beaumont section. Freeriding is pretty much universally considered the most fun, and there are few on this dirt ball we call a planet that do it better than Tyler. A slew of ridiculous whips grace the screen throughout this particular seggy, and cameos from Darryn Durham and Twitch only sweeten the deal.



I don't really remember Tyler's section, but is it like this one?

Or perhaps this?: starting at around the 1:40 mark? Just search youtube for "Castillo ranch" ay will find all sorts of freeride/ mx vids.


There is another hot spot locally for freeriding at the Donovan Ranch off of Santa Maria Mesa Rd (take Betteravia East past Garey) some of the jumps are so big that you can see them from town:


Privately owned of course.

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I take that back Cole Seeley is riding Zaca Station but for Jesse Nelson's riding spot you would have to ask him.

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Jackpot ranch is off the 154 and has been featured in quite a few movies. From these clips it doesn't look like jackpot though.

Jessy Nelson's part was at Zaca and a random river bed in central cal. I was at zaca not too long ago and in the town of buelton there was a pretty huge and bitchin looking river bed…so maybe it was that one? And Bereman's spots were beaumont hills and oregon dunes.

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