320mm front rotor too big?

Ok I finally got my 2013 KX450 fixed and after riding my 2011 RMZ450 with oversize galfer front rotor the KX feels spongy lol.  I was thinking about an oversize rotor and hear alot of good things about the Tusk 270 mm.  (i'm 225lbs).  But I seen a good deal on ebay for a 320mm rotor but wonder if that is too big and would be too touch, any opinions?

Yes, too big

Ok I thought so, i'll go with the Tusk 270mm, i've heard good things about that kit.

Ordered the rotor, now what pads to run?

On my 2013 I've had problems with the pads squeaking so I went to Honda pads.

Ordered the rotor, now what pads to run?

Did you also buy the caliper bracket?

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