wr426 light wiring HELP!

Hey guys just wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram to suit a 2002 wr426. I already have the manual but its missing some wires like the turn signals, horn and hi beam for the headlight , I think this might be due to different countries as im in Australia and its a requirement on our roads. Also im missing the flasher relay, do I need to get a specific one or will any work. As far as I know everything runs off ac current as the bike never came with a battery. Any help would be greatly appreciated as ive spent hours on the bike and researching and haven't had any luck. Thanks

I looked around and couldn't find a diagram with turn signals.  The down under version of the bike must be rare.  In that situation I peel the tape off the wiring harness and chase the wires to see where they go and what they do.  Turn signal circuits really aren't that complicated.  

I've put turn signals on bikes that didn't have any and used the most common auto flasher relay and it worked fine.  I wouldn't use LED signals in your case as they and the relay needed to run them don't like AC.  

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i haven't really looked into my lights, and i wouldn't be surprised if they don't work. but the wires that run from the arse end of the regulator go straight to the tail. and either i'm hoping or that's as much interst as i have is that those 2 wires, one is yellow control nothing but the lights at the back. this info is no help is it. i'll get out and have a look tomorrow.

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thanks for the replies guys , wiring is now pretty much  sorted traced it down to a plug up near the headlight, the main power wire had popped out of the plug. Only problem im having now is with the flasher relay, I have 3 wires behind the headlight, 1 yellow 1 green and 1 brown, all have the same plugs and my wiring for the indicators is brown on one side green on the other and of course a black negative to each so im guessing that these are the wires for the relay and its a 3 blade one, is this correct?

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