Difference between YZ450F 2013 and 2012-2009


Could anyone knows difference in exterior or some tech elements in 2013 model years against 2012-2009. My dealer selling 2013 year, but in documets it has only 2009 to decrease duty payment. How can i check it? There is only japan frame number instead of VIN.


And here is another question, is it possible to clear running time with GYTR Power Tuner?


Thanx alot for answers!

Yes, the GYT-R Power Tuner can clear the run time stored in the ECU.


There are very few visual differences, other than the graphics, between the '13 and the '10-'12.  The '09 was the previous generation that had a carburetor and the exhaust exiting the front of the head in a conventional manner.

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