Spring swap

Here is the scenario, I have a 2013 yz250 that I purchased to build me a woods weapon. I weigh 195lbs in street clothes. Race tech Is calling for .47kg/mm for the front and 5.7 for the rear. I have the stock springs from my 2010 yz450 and I was going to swap springs and re valve but the fork springs from the 450 are approximately 14mm longer than the 250 springs. Is there an easy method to use these 450 springs or am I better off buying new?

You can make new grooves for the spring seats to sit on , there was a recent thread on lowering forks that covered this

I'm 210lbs and find the 5.7 too stiff in the rear. I went from a 5.8 down to a 5.5....

Thanks for replies. I will look for other link. Monk...was the 5.5 based off of feel or sag #'s. I've not spent much time in the woods so will be a new learning curve and I was just trying get everything set up for base line. I have been riding stock ( haven't checked static sag) and typed my info on race tech and seen their recommendations and had me worried

Feel. I could not get the bike to squat no matter what....

Just in the last few months Race Tech has increased the suggested spring rate significantly. I really doubt they have spent a lot of time recently testing an 01 CR250 like I have but they jumped the rates suggested a lot. I don't trust them.

Thanks for all the help

You really have to take the race tech calculator with a grain of salt. One bike I looked up recommended a 5.8 shock spring, 3 months later they recommended a 6.4 shock spring. Same weight same bike and same riding conditions. They also wanted me to use the same fork springs for both a 5.8 and 6.4. Seems like it would be unbalanced to be. I feel the best route is to call a competent tuner with knowledge of your bike and riding/terrain type.

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