2010 CRF 250 won't kick when warm

Hi I'm new to this forum, new to four strokes and new to fuel injection so hoping someone can help me out. I've recently bought a 2010 crf 250 it starts first few kicks when cold and runs lovely, but it won't kick over after I've warmed it up and have to bump it and again runs lovely after a bump, the parts I've changed are:

Spark plug

Fuel filter


Coil lead

The valve clearances have been checked and valves re shimmed and then rechecked again after a ride

Timing checked and is ok

All plugs have been pulled apart and cleaned.

Tried a technique which I was told about for when shutting off, where by you blip the throttle 3 times before hitting the kill switch.

All this and I'm still in the same place as when I started, really stuck as to where to go from here, any help with where to go from here would be much appreciated.

You probably have already done this at some point, but have you played with the idle. I know with my 2010, playing with the idle adjuster makes it easier to start at different engine temps. 

I have a 13 and it has the same problem some guy at the Honda dealer told me hold the throttle in all the way at the same time give it 3-5 slow kicks then release the throttle all the way in and kick it 1-2 times and it should start.

It always works for my 2013.

Yeah I've tried doing that as well, thanks though, I've put this post on here twice by mistake, think in two different sections. Someone has suggested that I perform a leak down check, says it could be due to a slightly burned exhaust valve or a worn/misshaped valve seat. A friend of mine has a leak down tester that I'll be able to borrow, so this will be my next step. I'll let you know how it checks out.

I've also tried giving it slow kicks then going for it, but she still doesn't want to go, never with the throttle open though. I don't know why holding he throttle open would help on the fuel injection, but I'll give it a go anyway, cheers dirtman48

Just gave this technique a go but had no luck. Was hoping it would work and save me a lot of time. Thanks anyway, my next step will be a leak down test that someone has already suggested

Sorry man.

Could be your coil is on its way out, or the fuel pump, or maybe the condensor.

Right got another problem now as well as the starting issue, so, gave the bike to someone who has had motocross and enduro bikes for years to have a look at. He wanted to try and find out if it was a fueling problem, said the fuel pump seems to be working fine. Part of his process was to take the air filter off and spray fuel down the intake and kick stat the bike. He said that it started no problem even after being warmed up, but all of a sudden when he was doing this the bike started to idle high and the revs won't come down, adjusting the idle screw doesn't make a difference to the revs, but if you pull the idle screw out the bike does rev faster. When started the MIL comes on and goes off as it should without giving a code. Anyone got any idea why this would be?

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