Crf 450x on a track? 2013/14

Are these bikes possible to ride on a track and actually corner hard and jump triples and feel pretty comfortable on? I ride that track every week and desert every week and have always had interest in X model and Wr450 as well. I love the track and race it all the time but I think it might be time to start slowing down and being a little more careful. So again if I still do go to the track once a week or every 2 weeks or something can this bike still do ok or even good? Lookin at 2013/14 don't know the differences between them either

2005 crf450r-sold

2006 raptor 700

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If most/all of your riding is at the track, buy the R version.


With that said, I used to ride my X at the track quite a bit. The only real downfall is the weight. It turns surprisingly good, and I was clearing jumps on my X that my buddy wouldn't with his YZ450F. It's just heavy, and that makes it tiring. The weight keeps it a bit more stable though than my CR250R used to be. So it can do it, but if you mainly ride track, buy something else.

If you are a keep-it-in-the-powerband-all the time kind of rider, you will want the R.


If not, the X is great.

I switched from an R to an X a few years ago and I still ride the track a few times a year.  I think they work awesome especially on fast GP style tracks.  On tracks that are really rough and tore up or have lots of rock, I'd prefer to be riding an X.  I think they are just easier to ride at a higher speeds.  If you're a pro or intermediate on a track with big jumps, you might not care for the extra weight or the power of a stock motor.

The X is a good track bike for the package. And let me say I am refering to a 'built' X.


Third is a little tall  for most shorter tracks but thats about it. Gear down if you must.


It doesnt corner flat like a R will but once you get some nice ruts built it will shred. Nothing like a headlight in the air either. "wtf!?"

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