Showa twin chamber forks?

Has any one use Procircuit nation spring tubes and has anyone usd Factory Connections national spring seat? How about the RG3 smart valving vs Racetech gold. I am over 30 intermediate rider. My suspension is set up pretty sweet just looking for a tad bit more plushness. Any suggestions. I'm not gonna send them out to PC or FC I can pretty much do it at home for less than 700.00. Just curious as to these few bolt in items. Have any of you used them. Also my shim stacks are set good as well so. Spring rates are correct. Just curious of this stuff is actually woth the money and which is best. Please experienced riders and people who know how this stuff reacts. Not bashing but a lot of people send their stuff off and ask for the best and do not understand how it actually functions. I have had both FC and PC suspension re valving but never the tubes or seats. Thanks for reading my postal be this will help other save some cash as well.

I've ridden RG3 smart valve setups that were plush, had good dive, but had really good bottoming resistance as well.

Thanks im gonna try them out. I just cant justify paying 199.00 labor to any suspension place when I can do it my self. As far as shim stacks it is all about testing and have found thata stock honda stack is good. Spring rates and compression spring rates have been a factor as well. Im gonna give the smart valves a shot. Would like some feed back on the National tubes and srping seats as well.

What bike? I have a couple sets of smart valves, I know one set is for a typical 47mm shows fork.

When the average "joe" sends his stuff off to big companies their not getting it tuned by the top tech they have, plus how many are really honest about their ability? So generally Their not happy when it returns. But some of the best use stock. If your springs are spot on then look at your shim specs. One thing big companies have that 99% of local suspension guys don't, 100's of hours of testing on and off dynos.

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