Stock levers on ASV perches

I just picked up a CRF150R for my brother and I have it in our stable getting some final touches done before I give it to him.  The only question I have, and this really isn't CRF specific, are the clutch and brake levers.  The bike was owned by a short gal and she had ASV perches on the bike (Not sure if it was from her purchase or the original owner).  to fit the bark busters and her fingers, it looks like a set of stock levers were installed, can't confirm they are stock, and cut down to fit inside the bark busters.  I would like to slip some stock levers in those perches, but wanted to know if they will fit in what appears to be ASV perches.  It looks like the brake perch is stock with just an ASV clamp, so that one should not be a problem.  But the clutch is ASV with adjustment knob and thumb hotstart.


I do not want to spend the money on the actual ASV levers as this is for my brother, not for me.  If he wants ASVs, then he can purchase those at a later date.  I am just spending enough to get this thing cleaned up, running correctly, and cosmetically nice.


Thanks gang.  Appreciate the insight.

photo (30).JPG

My son's bike has asv perches and stock levers.

2007 150r

My son's bike has asv perches and stock levers.

2007 150r

Perfect.  Thanks for the info.  The order is on the way.

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