2012 DRZ Petcock and IMS Tank

I have just installed a 3.2 IMS tank and used the OEM petcock.  All appears good except that I notice the back side of the Petcock

is very close or even lightly touching the engine head.


Any others seen this and is it a concern for either damage or a danger of transferring heat to the fuel.  I don't want to "blow up" while

floggin'  my DRZ!! 

yea, my petcock appears different and appears to fall further forward when alligned with the engine than yours...  and the drop from the tank comes down further ...


Petcock change from 07 to '12 maybe....

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Nope,  the petcock in my pic may be the Raptor on/off/reserve style petcock (everyone ends up replacing the stock vacume type one cause it leasks sooner or later),  but they are both the same size and style as the stocker as i can remember,   


have a pic of yours?

Oh, Ok... thought of doing that but decided to just go back with the stock petcock until it shows signs of giving me trouble.  But if this clearance issue is going to be

a problem, I may have to switch... but you say the Raptor one everyone seems to be using is about the same size.... so... may not solve my concern.


It still appears that the left side of my tank drops down more than yours.  Maybe IMS has change the tank design on the 3.2 ? 


Don't have an image to load at the moment....

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The raptor petcock should help, as you can sorta see in this picture the stock petcock has a rather bulky back end where the diaphragm is held, and the raptor does't have any of that.




IMO it is best to get the stock petcock off the bike BEFORE anything happens. It won't be pretty if you go for a ride with an engine full of oil, diluted by gasoline.


Edit: Another option is the DR-Z400 E model petcock, a little bit more pricey though.

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No problem with the E model petcock fitted to IMS 3.2... ;)






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