Heart Rate Monitor

Hey guys I was just looking into some heart rate monitors for the gym and wondered if any of you have any recommendations. Im looking to get the best one possible. Or if anyone knows what the pro guys are using that would be awesome. I was looking into the Under Armour one but im not completely sold on it yet. Thanks

I just bought a Polar RC3 with GPS. I like it. I was mainly looking at it and the polar RCX5, and decided to just go with the RC3 since the GPS was integrated. 


Now if you are only using it for the gym, then gps capabilities is probably not needed. I would look at one of the Polar Heart Rate Monitors. Garmin is good too. Also, not sure where you are planning on buying it at, but shop around so you can get more bang for your buck. I got mine off of Amazon. 

Just bought a Polar RS300X

I'm going through re-hab after a cardiac issue, works fine!

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